Embracing Joy

through Hula, Singing, Ukulele and Coaching.

Shine a light of possibility on living a life of unconditional love.
“Can you hear the call within, beckoning you towards a life of purpose and fulfillment? Let me be your guide.”

— Keahi Ewa

Keahi’s Offerings

The Creative Field

The Creative Field is not merely an abstract concept; it is a fundamental aspect of our being. It is the invisible web that binds us to the universe and to each other, serving as the medium through which our intentions manifest into reality. Everything that we experience—our successes and failures, joys and sorrows—is a reflection of the energy that we emit and the vibrations that we attune to within the Creative Field.


At the heart of Keahi's coaching practice is the belief in the inherent power and potential of every individual. She sees her role as a facilitator, helping her clients uncover their own strengths, talents, and passions. Through empowerment and self-discovery, Keahi guides her clients on a journey of personal growth and transformation, supporting them every step of the way.


Through a series of hands-on exercises and experiential learning activities, teams learn to work together, overcome challenges, and achieve common goals. The lessons learned on the water are then applied to real-world situations, helping teams improve their communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Event Planning

As the Director of Operations at Sunrise Ranch, Keahi brings years of experience in event coordination to her role. From conceptualization to execution, she oversees every aspect of event planning, ensuring that each gathering is seamlessly orchestrated and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.


Hula is much more than just a dance—it's a sacred art form deeply woven into the cultural fabric of Hawaii. Originating from Polynesia, hula has evolved over centuries, serving as a vessel for storytelling, spiritual expression, and cultural preservation.


For Keahi, Hawaiian music is more than just a form of artistic expression—it's a bridge that connects her to her roots, her ancestors, and the land of her birth. Through her music, she carries forward the traditions and stories of her culture, keeping them alive for future generations to cherish and embrace.

But who am I personally?

What My Clients Are Saying

"Keahi has a gift for seeing the potential in others and guiding them toward their highest purpose. Her coaching has helped me gain clarity, confidence, and a deeper sense of meaning in my life."
— John D.
"Working with Keahi has been a life-changing experience. Her wisdom, compassion, and guidance have helped me navigate through some of the toughest challenges in my life. I feel more aligned, empowered, and fulfilled than ever before."
— Sarah M.

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